St Patrick's Day in the Inner West. Traditional Irish Band, Irish Food Favourites and Creamy Guinness on Tap.

St Patrick's Day

It's the day you wish you were Irish!

Paddy's Day is one steeped in tradition and is named in honour of St Patrick.


This day, also known as feast day, is one where the Irish people (and everyone else!) come together to pay homage to the patron Saint for all he did for Ireland - introducing Christianity, establishing monasteries, churches, and schools.

Join us as we raise a glass for our Irish brethren.


We have traditional Irish music by the Wicklow Wanderers from 3pm, and 3 Irish favourites to tuck into:


- A Beef and Guinness pie with Colcannon

- Hearty Dublin Coddle with Pearl Barley

- Classic Irish Stew with Soda Bread

Doors Open at 10am.

Walk-ins welcome. Bookings encouraged.